NEMA LD3 -2005 :

NEMA LD3 standard has been prepared by the Decorative Laminate Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for use by manufacturers and fabricators of high-pressure decorative laminates (HPDL). The purpose of this Standards Publication is to provide standard test methods and performance values for high-pressure decorative laminates. The Decorative Laminate Section works closely with trade organizations and appropriate government agencies in the periodic review and revision of these standards.

BQR performs all tests mentioned in NEMA LD3 standard. Our LD3 test includes following:

Surface Finish, Light Resistance, Cleanability/Stain Resistance, Boiling Water Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, Glass Scratch Resistance, Diamond Resistance, Ball Impact Resistance, Dart Impact Resistance, Radiant Heat Resistance – coil method, Dimensional Change, Dimensional Stability, Wear Resistance, Formability, Blister Resistance

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